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The Beginning

14er Qwest

Sangre de Christos

14er Qwest

The qwest to climb Colorado's 14ers* began in 2004 after two friends (Bruce Kirschner and Roland Erickson) summitted Longs Peak, and during their descent discussed the idea of climbing them all.

So it began. Eventually, 5 hikers (Dave Swanson, Gale Meuret, Steve Hogg along with Bruce and Roland) formed a close knit hiking club (called the Wild Hogg Mountaineers) and together they climbed the majority of the peaks, with Gale and Roland climbing all of them, ending with Mt. Sneffels in 2010.

Shown on this website are a collection of pictures taken by these 5 hikers (and occassionally others) during their various summit attempts.

*peaks exceeding 14,000 feet above sea level


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